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UK house price reductions website

July 7, 2007

Gosh, I love the site, it tracks property websites and reports on reductions in prices.  Pure genius.  Hours of joy for all of us who work really hard but still can’t get the house they want in London!


Google analytics

June 25, 2007

I recently watched a video podcast by Robert Scoble about paid search engine marketing. I recommend it as a primer. Watch it here.


New web site looking ok

June 20, 2007

About six months ago I launched a new website for the non-profit.  It really did not rank well with Google. Best advice said that it would take at least six months to show better rank , well it’s about three months and starting to see some growth in visitors – which is nice!

tracking visitor movements

June 12, 2007

I was thinking it would be nice to see the movements of the visitors to our web sites (mouse move, click etc) and had just started to collect mouse movement and scroll action javascript snippets when I thought it was best to check if anybody else had got something going.  I though Google Analytics might have spomething like this built in, but if it does, I can’t find it.  But a few services are out there, and I am going to give them a try, they are: crazyegg, robotreplay and tapefailure.  If anybody has experimented I would be plaesed to hear of your experiences.


Great little google maps hack for saving running routes

June 10, 2007

Verena and I have started our training for Berlin.  I wanted to calculate today’s route and expected Google maps to have this feature built in, but I could not find it.  But never mind because was there to  fill the gap.  A great little site that made it very easy to put in the route.  In case you are interested, here is today’s route.