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14 mile run – happy days

September 19, 2007

So, managed a 14 mile run without major knee trouble.  Big curry to celebrate!  Thank the lord for Physio!


Latest run – knee giving trouble…

July 22, 2007

Latest run is 12 1/2 mile but knee caused trouble in the last mile.  I hope this goes away!  View route.  Only six serious runs before Berlin!

Todays running route

July 7, 2007

Two laps of Regents park and a short one to get some water from the foutain.  As usual it’s up on

Training for Berlin marathon

July 4, 2007

I managed the 7.5 mile NikeTown London club run last night, but they are so fast!  I was last in, but it felt pretty good.  Here is the route.  In short, the run is twice around Regents Park from Oxford Circus.