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Still here – and nursing my knee!

September 10, 2007

I am still training for Berlin.  I have been sulking whilst in physio trying to fix my knee.  At last it seems to be on the mend – touch-wood.  I will do a 13 mile run on Thursday and that will be the longest run before the marathon!  Om another note, I am really happy about my web products, they are getting really good feedback from users and one is growing in Google SERPS as we had hoped – which is really great news for my non-profit! 


Phone for older people

August 15, 2007

I enjoyed watching the BBC’s articles on the ‘Life Phone‘.  This phone has been developed especially for older people.  It has a large, high contrast, display, and a panic button.  It’s not doing too well commercially though – any ideas?  Probably if you have studied Human Computer Interaction.  I work developing technology for older and disabled groups, it has become very clear to me that there is a great deal of resistance by retailers to products explicitly targeted at older or people with disabilities.

In my experience, the mere mention of referencing older or disabled people in marketing or branding panic creates panic and denial – ‘we are inclusive’ is the usual response.  The market for such explicit marketing to older people  is still limited.  I recommend Dick Stroud though, if you want to learn more about the demographics, he has written a great book ‘The 50-plus market’