Cellular Automata

Whilst having one of my ‘cellular automata’ moments in my life, they are quite frequent, I came across an interview with Wolfram on Forbes, which is quite interesting and worth a read if you enjoy such things.  I personally am very interested in Wolfram, I am no mathematician and lack training but that is not important, Wolfram uses math to explore his ideas, not as as end in itself.  Cellular Automata are one of his interests, I have a copy of ‘A New Kind Of Science’, which I often refer to.  I am in full agreement with Wolfram that there is much to be learnt from the interaction of independent interacting entities.

btw. Looking at one of my old websites in the wayback machine, I found an old CA that a friend and I wrote one whiskey fuelled night. It is intented to model a sort of energy disserpation through the CA space. Works quite well, also as an Interactive java app it is quite good fun! Here it is (sorry for the line number, you will need to remove them before you compile the code)

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