Blinkers on

Sometimes the obvious is hard to admit.  Confidence is important in business, no doubt.  But when in private the barriers stay up when the weaknesses of, say, your business model, or product is raised by friends or colleagues you have a problem because when we stop seeing the flaws and believing our own hype only one thing is certain.  Trouble ahead.

Update: I watched an interview on newsnight review with Damien Hirst, I am not a big fan of Hirst’s work, I did visit one of his exhibitions at the White Cube a couple of years ago, and the smell from the rotting amimals was too much for me on that hot day!  However, last night he said something very memorable when asked about being afraid, to paraphrase:

The first foot you put down wrong is probably the day that you state that you will never put a foot down wrong. 


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