Don’t be a laptop loser!

October 30, 2007

I am an UCLIC’er – if there is such a thing -, yes we all love to whinge about everything that is wrong with products, it is a habit that seems to stick, but every so often something just hits a nerve.  Rachel Benedyk, UCLIC’s ergonomics lecturer finally snapped after seeing several years worth of students slacking around with laptops and   actually did a study about how much they suck (WARNING -this is a 500k PDF, obviously user experience is not Rachels strong point!) – good for her though – hmm but I remember earlier lazing against the radiator with my big clunky via on my knees whilst watching tv – i don’t see that changing very soon.   The poster is good too.


New article published

October 11, 2007

A while ago I post a link to a draft article about backups for small business.  Well it’s now published at (what do you mean ‘it’s not businessweek you know’!?).  Actually it was the first website that I came across that was looking for submissions, and it looks like quite an eclectic selection of articles they publish over there!  Hope you enjoy the article.

Finished the Berlin marathon

October 7, 2007

Ok, I was not a record breaker but that was not the aim.  My aim was to finish.  Paris is next in April, V and I are signed up already!  Here are some photos:

And my video on finisher clip;


Off site backups

September 19, 2007

I though maybe a serious post.  I was recently quoted £5,000 for offsite storage of backup media i.e. a couple of tapes.  I asked how much it was to retrieve it on demand – answer “well, that would depend”.  What is wrong the a bank safety deposit box, is it not secure enough?  ” I don’t think banks have fire suppression”   Me: “I don’t think this is a good deal” 

Small business get guys like this calling all the time, they don’t have a clue about SME business requirements.  What about an offer that suit our budget?  I love offsite storage, but I have not yet heard of one offer that has been properly positioned.  Have you?

14 mile run – happy days

September 19, 2007

So, managed a 14 mile run without major knee trouble.  Big curry to celebrate!  Thank the lord for Physio!

Still here – and nursing my knee!

September 10, 2007

I am still training for Berlin.  I have been sulking whilst in physio trying to fix my knee.  At last it seems to be on the mend – touch-wood.  I will do a 13 mile run on Thursday and that will be the longest run before the marathon!  Om another note, I am really happy about my web products, they are getting really good feedback from users and one is growing in Google SERPS as we had hoped – which is really great news for my non-profit! 

Phone for older people

August 15, 2007

I enjoyed watching the BBC’s articles on the ‘Life Phone‘.  This phone has been developed especially for older people.  It has a large, high contrast, display, and a panic button.  It’s not doing too well commercially though – any ideas?  Probably if you have studied Human Computer Interaction.  I work developing technology for older and disabled groups, it has become very clear to me that there is a great deal of resistance by retailers to products explicitly targeted at older or people with disabilities.

In my experience, the mere mention of referencing older or disabled people in marketing or branding panic creates panic and denial – ‘we are inclusive’ is the usual response.  The market for such explicit marketing to older people  is still limited.  I recommend Dick Stroud though, if you want to learn more about the demographics, he has written a great book ‘The 50-plus market’


Cute shot of dog outside paddington office

August 6, 2007

In London the best views are often at the back of the buildings.  In Paddington where my head office is, we have some great buildings – although you would never know it from their facades!  Here is a great little shot of a really nice playful dog that belongs to one of our neighbours – it just loves to play around outside.  Check out the buildings and plants, they really look great.  FYI. This shot was taken with my vario II from my temporary desk in the main office, next to the IT team, they are great guys and IT is really the heart of our non-profit, in fact I have not used my office for over a year (much to my CEOs dismay)


Latest run – knee giving trouble…

July 22, 2007

Latest run is 12 1/2 mile but knee caused trouble in the last mile.  I hope this goes away!  View route.  Only six serious runs before Berlin!

Latest weekend training run for Berlin

July 15, 2007

Here is Sunday’s run, a  bit delayed as knee was dodgy yesterday.  See it here